Amazing adventure to teens around the world to take part in our life changing Work Camp program, designed for them, where their take part in a community development projects like, environmental conservation, construction, art and culture, cultural immersions, water and sanitation for vulnerable communities among other interesting projects, feel free to apply and welcome.

Work camp Africa Volunteers University Exchange offer students at  level for the above amazing objectives:

  • Work Camp Africa offers university students of any level to participate on our cultural immersion exchange with the main objectives being;
  • To explore variety of ways of analyzing world issues through an examination of notable events and processes in recent world history and an understanding of key theoretical issues relevant to their studies.
  • To enhance student’s capabilities to apply their knowledge and analysis of international challenges in both a verbal and practical within the Kenyan context.
  • To demonstrate knowledge of assumption, methods of study, theories and different approaches employed internationally and demonstrate an understanding of themes of the course as expression of the conceptual empirical and normative aspects of the subject.
  • To enhance cross pollination of skills and cross-cultural approaches and to have fun building new friends and networks towards the world of endless possibilities.

The opportunity is open throughout the years upon sending an application form, Work Camp Africa Team will assist in making a great project for you and guide you promptly.